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Heating mat

Mata grzewcza - ogrzewanie pod³ogowe

Heating mat for the underfloor heating

The heating mat for the direct underfloor heating SH KOREA

The electric heating mats SH KOREA can be used as a primary bathroom heating or as an installation of the supplemental heating of the room gaining the effect of the warm floor. Our heating mats are offered in the sets ready for assembly with a warranty of the highest quality in the competitive prices. As the only one on the market, we offer the heating mats free from the electromagnetic field! The heating mat of a heating cable is fixed to the net made of the glass fiber.

Using the heating mats 

The heating mats are installed on the floor, fixing it with an elastic glue for the underfloor heating and making the top surface using the ceramic plates. We offer the sets for the self assembly which include the heating mat, an electrical conduit, assembly box and a temperature controller.


The heating mat – Benefits

  • The highest level of security of the underfloor heating system

    It is constructed in a way to create a healthy environment without the electromagnetic field.
    The risk of fire is minimized because of the 3-layer insulation and a shielding with a fire resistant insulation.

  • The cheap zonal heating.
    The heating with a heating mat is installed only in the place of using, gaining the comfort of a warm floor in the low investment costs. 

  • Durability.
    We guarantee the highest quality of our products, that is why the system assembled by the authorized installer is granted the 30-years warranty.

  • The possibility of usage​
    The heating cables can be installed as the underfloor electric heating under the ceramic plates, marble, tiles, wet places and those exposed to moisture.
  • Eco-friendly heating system
    No dust. No noise. No pollution.  Hot Cable is a clean heating system.
    Hot Cable is the best method of heating when it is humid and oil or gas based heating system is not applicable.



The scheme of assembly of the heating mat in the direct underfloor heating system

mata grzewcza pod plytki ceramiczne


① The regular spout

② The heating mat

③ The elastic glue for the underfloor heating

④ The ceramic plates



The construction of the heating cable

Budowa kabla grzewczego mata grzewcza


①  Nichrome(Ni-Cr) alloy 2P heating element
②  Teflon primary insulation
③  Tinned copper braid
④  PVC out sheath



The patented insulation handle

maty grzewcze

The cross section of the heating cable SH Korea

The patented insulation handle SH KOREA solves the problem of the standard security of the heating cable. The patented interior handle is made of silicone which endures the temperature up to 200oC. The handle keeps a safe distance of the insulation of each heating cable. A construction like that prevents risks which may be caused by the overheating and a short circuit.




kabel grzewczy

The cross section of the competitive heating cables

The heating cables offered by the other companies are arranged in an unstable place. A structure like this may cause the moving of the cables which can result in overheating and short circuit.




The heating cables free from the electromagnetic field

  • Two heating wires with each current flowing opposite directions have same amplitude and wave length but opposite current direction. Such structure offsets electromagnetic filed and minimize it.
  • The braid around the wire shields and grounds electric field, eliminating electric hazards.


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